About SaTech

SaTech was established in 1995 to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to complex transportation and logistics problems; SaTech incorporates the full spectrum of field management tools. Through the integration of products such as GPS tracking management, vehicle performance evaluation reports, on-site assessments as well as route planning and optimization, SaTech customizes client solutions to the specific needs and business constraints of its customer.

Providing tailored solutions to better manage delivery, sales, and services personnel, SaTech works extensively with its customers to define those operational constraints that provide the most opportunity. Once identified and quantified, the organization can effectively evaluate its business and cost options, effect positive change, and directly improve the bottom line.

SaTech's typical clients are privately held, owner-involved businesses having 5 - 75 vehicles on the road and are looking for practical solutions to their decision making process. Clients having orders coming in for the same day or next day service and/or delivery can generally witness a 4-6 month return on their investment.

Though SaTech's client base in Southeastern Michigan is predominantly in the healthcare industry (boasting services to all but one local healthcare system), 70% of its business comes from out-of-state customers focused in the "local wholesale/retail" pickup/delivery segment. Companies in this segment, consisting of food, beverage, courier, financial, and retail distribution industries, deliver their products or services to end-customers and businesses within a local metropolitan area (i.e. a retail furniture provider delivering a bedroom set, or a seafood wholesaler distributing its products to local restaurants, institutions, and hotels).

Customers in need of SaTech's services will be looking to reduce transportation costs, reduce time spent scheduling routes, and improve the efficiency of each delivery route. SaTech's core competencies are implementing operational efficiencies centered around the client's business rules and constraints effectively and efficiently.

SaTech's success is attributable to a combination of advanced analytical tools, 35 years of practical industry experience, a deep and clear understanding of the customers' needs and business constraints, focus on bottom line results, and the entrepreneurial ingenuity and energy to wrap it all together. SaTech provides the pragmatic solutions and bottom line results its clients are striving for. Balancing customer service needs such as time windows, volume, and service requirements against available resources, evaluating the benefits of various operational parameters of its customers and thus provides highly effective operations and more importantly, successful implementations and long term relationships.

SaTech's customers are looking to reduce transportation costs, manage their capacity, reduce planning time, better manage delivery and service staff, and improve the effectiveness of its delivery operations. Historically providing its clients a 20 - 40% cost reduction opportunity as compared to the industry average of 10 - 25% In essence, SaTech provides a much better bottom line for the customer within a much shorter time than the competition.

Regardless of the number of vehicles your company operates, we have the tools and methods to reduce costs by at least 10-20%. SaTech solutions save miles, time, resources, and money.

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