Computer Routing Boosts Deliveries
When Beaumont Hospital officials in Royal Oak reached their maximum capacity for picking up laboratory specimens from local doctor's offices, they turned to a small, software developer for advice...
Insider Business Journal
SaTech Inc. of Bloomfield Hills offers solutions to these problems. "We provide field management services and retail logistics for the effective planning, implementation...
Five Myths Of Logistics
Geography based services or "zones" do provide a level of economy and local knowledge. This method, however, does not consider traffic patterns, customer needs...
Good Directions
Here's a bulletin for my third-grade teacher: The shortest distance between two points can be a... software program...
"The program that has rung the loudest for me and is blowing my competition away when it comes to efficiencies in routing is the one that is offered by SaTech Logistics.
"...after better than two years of experience with SaTech, the benefits have been ten fold at a miniumum."
Director of Operations
Midwest Dairy Distributor
"A 14% reduction in just 6 months..."
"Efficiencies aside, we have also taken a manual task that used to take up to 90 minutes to perform down to a task of no more than 5-10 minutes."
Director, Materials Distribution
East Coast Utility Company